Call for Papers Talk Ideas

OggCamp 18 is an unconference with a single scheduled track. This scheduled track is what this Call for Papers is seeking to address. It is important to stress that even if you are not selected for the scheduled track, you are still encouraged to come to OggCamp and put your talk on the board. We want you to bring your talks! The talks selected here are the talks which will be promoted on the OggCamp website, adverts on podcasts and social media.

OggCamp is a community conference with very little sponsorship, and as a result, we are not able to fund travel to the venue or hotel stays. If your attendence at the conference has this requirement, then sadly we'll not be able to support this application.

Don't be shy! Talks at OggCamp can be about anything. This includes open source software, hardware hacking, making, science, politics, creative commons music and literature, or anything else you think might interest the community. Even if you're not sure it will, you might be surprised to find out there are many people who find your project fascinating! That said, if you're looking for ideas on talks to propose, some of our talks in prior years include:

  • Being a geek in Normal Culture
  • Pi Wheels
  • Make things open, it makes things better
  • Building a LED Disco Dance Floor
  • Playstation Game Translation Japanese to English
  • Building an Internet of Things Network Together
  • Three ways to improve cat videos with the open web
  • Publishing your Podcast
  • How to sell a whole country on Open Source
  • Ansible - Configuration Management for the masses
  • ZFS - Why I trust it with all my data
  • How to blame your genes with confidence
  • Law is code, Parliament is Programmers
  • What should I be doing now I am a digital leader at school?
  • Open hardware - Dithing the lawyers so you can get on with making stuff
  • Cross-platform App Development
  • The evolution of Social Coding
  • Inside the Intercontinental Music Lab
  • Why I rob banks and why YOU should be scared
  • Oolite - A fun way to get involved in FOSS